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Anonymous asked:

Deputy Parrish could be the benefactor

This is true. Anyone could be at this point. I’m hoping it isn’t him….I like him. Plus he is on the list.

Then again, Peter isn’t on this list and I’m almost convinced it isnt Peter. Just because that seems waaaay to obvious.

I think it could be Deaton. That would be a pretty big betrayal though.

I hope it isn’t Gerard. I don’t wanna see that old coot again, lol.


Malia’s last name is “Hale” on the Deadpool. This is either a continuity error or a clue (but I think error because the writers have no clue what they’re doing). MALIA doesn’t even know that Peter is her dad yet, technically it was never confirmed via test or any kind of logical reasoning, and…

Judging by the names that have been the keys, and Malias last name being listed as Hale, I think the benefactor is someone close to them that knows all their dirty little secrets.

Please don’t spew hate at everyone who ships Sterek.

I ship Sterek. But, I have never sent a nasty tweet to a cast member. I did not support the blackout. And I do no not attack stydia or stalia shippers. Or any shippers.

Tbh, I also like Stydia and Draeden. I get that Sterek won’t ever be canon, but I still enjoy it when they’re on screen together, I enjoy reading the fanfics and reblogging shit.

But I am not mean, or evil, or whatever. Kay?

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